Surrey LDC Elections Jan 18

Published Nov17

Surrey Local Dental Committee Elections January 2018

I hereby give notice for election to membership of the Surrey Local Dental Committee. Nominations are invited from persons who provide or perform primary dental services within the area of the Surrey Commissioning Board Area Team.

The Local Dental Committee is a statutory body established to represent all Dentists in Surrey who pay the statutory dental levy and to express their views and to look after their professional interests through The Surrey Local Dental Committee. The Local Dental Committee meets on the second Wednesday of the month except January, July and August. The Committee has assumed an increasingly important role during these challenging times with the transfer of more decision making to a local level from a national level.

Elections are held every two years when half the elected members will give service for four years.  The other half of the committee will be elected in two years to service for the following four years.

Please find a nomination form attached.  Each candidate for election shall be nominated by at least two electors. A signed statement shall accompany each nomination submitted by the candidate confirming his or her willingness to stand for election. Nominations by 31st January 2018.

In the event of the number of nominations being equal to the number of vacant seats, all candidates will be returned unopposed.

If an election is to be held, voting papers for the postal ballot will be sent within three weeks following the closing date for nominations.

The Surrey Local Dental Committee particularly welcomes nominations from younger dentists. If you would like to speak informally about what the commitment would involve please contact Barry or Snehal.

Yours sincerely

Nigel G Taylor

Returning Officer

Surrey LDC 2018 Election form – Click here to download