Orthodontic Referrals in Primary Care

NHS England and Vantage Rego have delivered a standardised NHS referral process for dental patients in Surrey. This is the Dental Electronic Referral Service (DERS). It is used for all orthodontic referrals, oral surgery referrals (DARS) as well as hospital referrals for oral medicine, suspected cancer or ‘two week rule’ referrals and for opinion or advice. The link below leads you to our previous article explaining the background.


The DERS software is loaded on your computer system enabling each performer to refer their patient to their chosen provider.

Log onto the Vantage Rego referral homepage. Then enter your provider user-name, password, and complete the on screen authentication codes.

This brings you to the referral pathway.

The patients details are entered plus their general practitioner and medical centre address.

You then move on to the orthodontic menu. This will bring up various dropdown menus to determine the patient’s IOTN and the reason for referral. In consultation with your patient you can decide on your orthodontic provider by recommendation perhaps distance and possibly waiting times.

The referral is sent electronically and the information and time line stored securely. If you enter the patient’s e-mail address they may choose to be sent the details of the process. You can print out the referral for your records.

Remember private orthodontic referrals are progressed in your usual way.

Orthodontic Referrals in Secondary Care

You can also refer a patient for an opinion and perhaps further treatment to a hospital orthodontic department. The procedure is identical to the process for Primary Care referrals. The hospital departments are listed in the provider’s list or directory.

For information on the services they provide and personnel you can use the links below.




Alison Newlyn’s useful IOTN guidance – Click here to download