LDC Study Day review

Published Feb18

Opening the day Nick Lewis presented a look at the increasing challenges for restorative dentistry in 2018, majoring on tooth wear. The extended use of composite restorations to restore vertical loss, adhesive bridges for missing units and delaying those implants as long as……  Nick covered minimally invasive techniques and the deep carious cavity, biodentine got a mention too. Fast paced, great stuff.

Emily Burn introduced us to the three core elements of cancer support available. Cancer Research UK Oral Cancer toolkit, referral pathways for suspected cancer plus advice for behaviour change. We had a quick quiz by a show of hands, only a few were correct with some revealing statistics. Emily was all about helping us help our patients and signposting us to the right material. http://www.surreyldc.org.uk/oral-cancer-dental-team/

Kat Kandiah gave us an insight in to his work as consultant and how stretched services are. He mentioned the high incidence of paediatric GA re-attendance for extractions and ways to tackle this. He targeted anything sugary, fruity, poppy or fizzy and displayed an apoplectic aversion to kiddies smoothies. DCby1 was promoted http://www.surreyldc.org.uk/dental-check-1/ and a nice one to take home for us in practice ‘Fluoride is a medicine to be applied twice daily’ ‘spit don’t rinse’ and parents to be actively involved in children’s brushing.

Leo Briggs, deputy head of DDU gave us a bright presentation entitled ‘Post in haste.’ I must admit I was ready for the ‘cast indirect’ vs. ‘one visit technique’ and was rather pleased to be taken through the pitfalls and down right no no’s of ‘putting it out there’ in this digital social media age. Walking us through the GDC’s Standards for the dental team he emphasised our professional obligations.

Gareth Williams spoke eloquently, with charming reference to his younger brother, a clinical psychologist, he set out some ways of looking at the impact of psychology on communication. He introduced us to Mindfulness and Meditation. Look it up. I did.

Christine Osborne chose the caboose run. End of the day, warm warm room and HTM 01-05. Really!  Entertaining informative and to the point. That’s Christine. A clear collection of slides with amusing delivery brought us to date with cross infection. The do’s, don’ts and ‘we’ll just leave that one.’ How do you leave your tray? We had a microfiber display in the dark and much more. Lively.

Thanks to our speakers and to our sponsors Wesleyan. The eighty plus of you who attended and a special thanks to Will Westwood for organising.

We hope to put on more free CDP in the future so keep logging on and keep up to date with all things dental in Surrey.