(IG) Toolkit by April 18

Published Feb18


Records management deals with the creation, retention and storage and disposition of records. A record can either be a physical, tangible object or digital information such as a database, application data and e-mail. As data generation has exploded and regulations and compliance issues increased, traditional records management has struggled to keep pace. So a more comprehensive platform for managing records and information evolved. The advent of Information Governance (IG).

In 2003 the Department of Health in England introduced the concept of broad-based information governance into the National Health Service, publishing version 1 of an online performance assessment tool with supporting guidance. The NHS IG Toolkit is now used by over 30,000 NHS and partner organisations, supported by an e-learning platform with some 650,000 users.

We are now up to version 14.1 and it’s just a short while before we have to complete our own IG assessment following the guidelines laid out from the aptly named ‘Completing your IG Toolkit Assessment’ (Download here). So you have until April 1st 2018 to publish your results, which will in turn be securely held by NHS England and available to CQC. Although mainly the provenance of practice owners, managers and lead IG personnel it does however involve all of us, of course. You will have as likely signed various policies, be aware of the Caldicott principles and undergone IG training within your practice, online, or maybe a local education centre. If not have a little look at the Health and Social Care Information Centre where lots of useful stuff resides. http://systems.hscic.gov.uk/infogov



There is confusion around when a practice should register with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) (Download here) with some of you registering when it is not necessary, and others not registering when it is required. It’s best to visit their website: https://ico.org.uk/.

Registration is simple and inexpensive, compared with some other registrations.