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Published Apr18

Please see the communications from the Dental Team and David Ezra regarding our NHS referrals in Surrey Sussex and Kent. Please note all private referrals are completed in your usual way.

Dear colleagues

Please see below a communication from Vantage that will be posted on DeRS from Monday 12 March 2018.

Please note that as this update means that all dental pathways, including paediatric and special care that are sent to the Community Dental Service, are now included on DeRS.  Therefore all dental referrals must be made on DeRS from Monday 12 March 2018.  We would be grateful if you can ensure that all current and future performers and staff are aware of this and that this replaces all previous referral guidance issued under clause 261/260 of your General Dental Services Contract/Personal Dental Services Agreement.

Although paper referrals have not been permitted for most of the dental pathways for some time (varying dates dependant upon the roll out timetable across Kent, Surrey and Sussex) we have been made aware by some Trusts that paper referrals have continued to be sent for patients registered with a GP in Kent, Surrey or Sussex and some latitude has been given on this as all pathways were not on DeRS.  With all dental pathways now being on DeRS from 12 March 2018, any paper referrals for patients registered with a Kent, Surrey or Sussex GP will be returned which will delay patients accessing care.

We will be evaluating the updated version of DeRS after approximately 3 months use so that we can consider whether future changes are required.  We would therefore be grateful if you and your performers could complete the survey that will be run through DeRS at that time.

Dental Team

NHS England South East (Kent, Surrey and Sussex)


Message from David Ezra, Director of Business Development, Vantage Referral Management

Dear Colleagues,

Thank you so much for all your support over the past 18 months. During this time you will have noticed that DeRS has evolved, largely in response to your constructive feedback and suggestions on how the system could be improved. From July 2017, we embarked on a more substantial development, including re-designing the front-end of DeRS to enhance the user and patient experiences.

We are grateful to the many dentists who have tested the new version and helped to refine it. This release also incorporates the CDS pathways to enable patients to be referred for paediatrics and special care. The look and feel of the system has changed slightly but we hope that you will find it more intuitive and even easier to navigate.

Summary of new features:

  • Prior to selecting a reason for referral, users enter any relevant medical history and modifiers.
  • Incorporation of both ASA classifications and the Special Case Mix tool in order to better identify patients that may require treatment within a community dental service or secondary care.
  • Automatic calculation of the dental anxiety score.
  • Reasons for referral will be specific to the patients needs.
  • Ability to send multiple referrals from within one session.
  • Inclusion of CDS pathways.
  • Clearer online instructions and guidance.

We have also released a new version of the Imaging App that improves ease of use and supports multiple images. This can be downloaded by following the instructions on the support page.

We would also like to take this opportunity to remind you of two other developments that have been introduced over the past few months:

Rego Notifier: A desktop app that will alert you on referrals that require an action i.e. rejected referrals, further information requests, etc. Alert will popup on the bottom right hand side of your screen even if you are not logged in. This may be installed via the support page.

Activity Reports: A Dashboard and real-time reports on activity; including: referrals per date, referrals by pathway, referrals by providers, etc. You may also generate your own report through the “Advanced Search” option. Export to Excel is also available. To access the reports, click on the ‘Reports’ link located on the top right side of your screen.

The new version will go live on Monday 12th March 2018 and will not affect any referrals that are currently on the system. Please access the support link on DeRS to view user guides (including a video guide) and other resources. Our help desk is available should you require any further assistance.

Many thanks!


David Ezra / Director of Business Development / +44(0) 796 6478 917

Vantage Diagnostics
+44 (0) 2079935870

Confidentiality: This e-mail and its attachments are intended for the above named only and may be confidential. If they have come to you in error you must take no action based on them, nor must you copy or show them to anyone. If you have received this in error please advise the sender by replying to this e-mail immediately highlighting the error and deleting it from your system. Vantage Referral Management is a trading name of Vantage Diagnostics Limited.